Nursery 1

2-year olds like exploring the world with their motor and sensory skills. With their blossoming language skills, they also ask lots of why, how, and what questions. Therefore, with the provision of multi-sensory and mind-opening learning experiences, we optimize children’s brain development and engage children’s inquisitive minds in learning.

Our program provides holistic activities including: (please refer to the curriculum content for more details: link here)

  • English language and literacy (storybooks, Letter Land)
  • Chinese language and literacy (storybooks, traditional Chinese tales and legacy)
  • Mathematics, puzzles, and geometry (a series of levels for different ages)
  • Thematic learning
  • Early inquiry skills in science, life science and physical science (National Geography Kids)
  • Big blocks, bolts and nuts, lego construction
  • Gears and STEM
  • Balancing and Gymnastics
  • Music and movement
  • Art activities
  • Mind challenging activities from Germany and Japan (a series of levels for different ages)