Kindergarten 2

As these are the most mature years in the preschool, five-and six-year-olds can think abstractly and resolve problems independently and creatively. As this is the last year in the preschool before entering primary school, we ensure children’s readiness to enter primary school in terms of language and literacy (read and write well), math (counting, adding, and subtracting), social, emotional and   physical wellness, scientific concepts and logical thinking, creative art expression in music, movement, drawing and making crafts, and motor skills.

Academic tasks and intellectual goals are both important for children to develop to ensure both short-term as well as long-term success. We ensure children’s strong abilities in various intellectual tasks including reading, writing, numeracy, scientific knowledge, and thinking skills including inquiry skills and creative expression in age-appropriate ways. We foster this by following the children’s leads, and ensure that they enjoy learning.

Our kindergarten 2 program provides holistic activities including: (please refer to the curriculum content for more details: link here)

  • English language and literacy (storybooks, Letter Land, Oxford Reading Trees, Speech & Drama) (a series of levels for different ages)
  • Chinese language and literacy (storybooks, traditional Chinese tales and legacy, speech & Drama, Phonemics) (a series of levels for different ages)
  • Mathematics, puzzles, geometry, mathematics games (a series of levels for different ages)
  • Gifted Mathematics programs
  • Inquiry skills in science, life science, physical, and earth science (National Geography Kids)
  • Blocks and Lego construction
  • STEM kits (a series of levels for different ages)
  • Thematic learning
  • Project work
  • Gymnastics